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Tuinderij Vers – perhaps contrary to what the name might initially suggest – offers a highly varied range of ready-to-eat vegetables, stews, vegetable mixes, salad mixes, ready-to-eat meal salads, etc. “In particular, we supply the country’s largest supermarket chain,” says Wilfred Hameeteman. He has worked here since 1993 and says he has seen the company grow year on year. “People’s diets have changed tremendously in recent years. People just want a healthy meal on the table quickly, and the supermarket offering responds to this. So we consistently invest in the latest machinery and technology so that we can maintain and further expand our position in this particular market segment.”

Tuinderij Vers is a round-the-clock operation where fresh produce arrives and leaves processed every day. The cutting and washing of products takes place in the Cutting Department, the department Wilfred heads. The products then proceed to the department where ingredients are mixed according to the recipe and then on to the packaging department.

In 2017, FoodeQ was able to supply a first infeed conveyor for the block cutting machine. Until then, crates weighing up to 20 kilos were lifted manually onto the 1.60-metre-high machine, which was hard work. “FAM, our supplier of 3D cutting machines, pointed us in the direction of FoodeQ. They designed a conveyor for us to feed the block cutting machine.”

More has followed since then. “Multiple conveyors in various departments, weighing tables and a sieve shaker designed so that we can easily run multiple products over it,” says Remko Bergwerff. “Easily changeable so we can quickly rotate through with different products each time, ranging from cauliflower florets to sweet potato.”

Remko and his team of 10 are responsible for all the equipment and technology in the factory. “Everything FoodeQ delivers to us is cleverly designed without nooks and crannies behind which dirt can collect. So very hygienic and extremely easy to maintain, which is critical in the food processing industry. Koen van Geel understands this, and he has a team behind him with whom we can work well. For the latest line, they recently delivered an output shaker with weighing station. Again, a masterpiece of craftsmanship. FoodeQ is helping us move forward.”