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CentreQ by FoodeQ

21 shakers equipped with CentreQ for a french fry factory in Kruiningen

CentreQ® is the unique measurement and control system – developed by FoodeQ – for vibratory equipment with unbalanced motors. “When we introduced CentreQ®, now 3 years ago, we couldn’t yet support our predictions with experience-based data,” says Jaco van der Jagt. “Meanwhile, the monitoring system has more than proven itself in practice. More and more clients, including some major players in the market, have embraced CentreQ®.”

In August of this year, we delivered 21 new vibratory conveyors to a large French fry producer in Zeeland. “All equipped with CentreQ®. It was a project with a tight schedule. A brownfield environment where we had to deal with a spaghetti network of pipelines, but thorough preparation ensures that you are not really surprised on-site anymore. This is important because, of course, production had to resume as quickly as possible.” With CentreQ®, the behavior of the vibratory equipment is consistently measured and adjusted. The system constantly seeks the ideal natural vibration frequency to optimize the interplay and prevent damage and downtime. CentreQ® monitors the mechanics and keeps the shakers perfectly balanced, reducing wear and tear on components and preventing (unplanned) downtime.

Do you want to see how CentreQ® works and increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness? Watch the video and in 2 minutes you’ll know everything!

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