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A brief retrospect and sustainable full speed ahead

How can you already claim that 2024 will be a great year without a crystal ball? By looking at the well-filled order portfolio for the next six months. Marinus de Bruijn: “We’ve secured several major projects, where all disciplines come together. While individual components, like shakers, remain a solid part of our business, increasingly it involves a larger segment of a production line where we handle everything from A to Z. Here, vibratory technology and processing go hand in hand and complement each other. Projects are becoming larger and more and more we, as a system integrator, are responsible for the entire section from the oven to the weigher and everything in between. From blanching and steaming – often in combination with our unique AURA oil recovery systems and cooling and freezing tunnels – to distribution to the weighers for packaging systems.

Having everything in one hand ensures optimal alignment, faster realization and quicker or increased production capacity. This saves time and, consequently, money. In 2023, we saw a growth in the number of international orders, particularly in Asia. Also in our home markets – Belgium and the Netherlands – and especially in the potato sector, there continues to be significant investment in additional capacity with a focus on sustainability. Our solutions seamlessly fit into these scenarios – lines that excel in efficiency, consume less energy and are easy to clean, among other benefits. So, yes, 2024 will be a great year in which we celebrate our 15th anniversary and roll out many significant projects.”

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