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Printing a longer expiration date on the packaging is easy, but you also need to ensure that the contents actually stay fresh longer. As specialists in blanching, steaming and cooling we have incorporated an additional drying step between the steaming and cooling stages which yields impressive results. “We knew this could be a significant improvement, but extending the shelf life from 14 to 20 days in some cases exceeded even our expectations,” says Jaco van der Jagt.

The major advantage for the food processing industry is that producers can have more stability in their production processes. “This allows more time to bring the product to market, giving them the opportunity to schedule maintenance work and carefully adjust machines. Moreover, it reduces food waste, because a longer shelf life means less has to be thrown away, which benefits the environment. We have implemented lines with this additional drying step for several customers and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.” If you want to know if and how we can further optimize your production line, please contact us. We extend the shelf life, but you’ll find that our response time remains exceptionally short.

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