Sizing conveyors Sizing

There can be many reasons for size grading of food products. In general, product sorting – to ensure that the product meets customer-specific requirements – is performed using sizing techniques, and this usually calls for a customized solution. The use of a suitably equipped FoodeQ vibratory conveyor is guaranteed to yield a perfect result!

The incoming product, sometimes in powder form, can be fed via a covered supply into the sealed vibratory sieve. The vibratory movement ensures that lumps crumble and fall through the sieve, ready for subsequent processing. Many different designs are possible, such as a sealed vibrating feed pipe or a wide sizing conveyor with a dust cover.

Functional application of sizing conveyors:

The sizing conveyors can be used to sift or grade the following products or product types:


For more information, contact our sales department, or see below some of the sizing conveyors with vibratory technology developed by FoodeQ.

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H-Flow conveyor

vibratory technologyH-Flow conveyor

FoodeQ designs and builds H-Flow conveyors exactly according to our customers’ requirements and wishes for the gentle horizontal handling and conveying of delicate food products.


vibratory technologySieve shaker

We build sieve shakers in all shapes and sizes to separate substances from each other such as candies from starch after a casting machine.


vibratory technologySpan sieve shaker

We build span sieve shakers in all shapes and sizes as distribution feed for the rest of the line of machinery like (optical) sorting machines, dryers and tunnel freezers.

Doseertriller met zeefdek

Vibratory technologyDosing shaker

We build shakers in all shapes and sizes for the regulated product feed of demanding applications.

Vibratory technologyClosed bulk shaker

We build closed bulk shakers - in all shapes and sizes - for the transportation of products from A to B or to sieve and/or spread these products.