Warranty is standard service is customized and will be laid down in SLA's

Warranty is included standard with every machine we supply, but you also have the option for extended warranty. You know best the level of service you need, and we have the flexibility to adapt our services to meet that need.

The necessary and agreed response times and charges are laid down in a customer and product-specific service level agreement (SLA). By mutual agreement, this means FoodeQ gives you a maximum uptime guarantee for your production environment.

To avoid unplanned downtime due to machine faults, our certified machine inspectors will inspect your machines at agreed intervals. Preventive maintenance and modification work can be planned. On the other hand, corrective maintenance is always inconvenient, and if it should be needed, you will be glad you chose FoodeQ. We know you need to get up and running again, and fortunately we can act faster than anyone – after all, we know your plant intimately, and we have the necessary parts on hand.

Ask our sales department for a custom SLA that also provides for machine inspections and preventive and corrective maintenance on-site.

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Cross-border service

FoodeQ machines operate all around the world and that’s why we provide a cross-border service

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Would you prefer extra assurance? We hold spare parts for emergencies

You can rest assured that we have a permanent stock of most parts of the machines we design. These spare parts are used to fulfil our service and warranty obligations. In certain cases, these parts are also purchased by customers for reconditioning and upgrades.

For clients who prefer extra assurance, on request we hold a customer-specific stock of spare parts. These spare parts are linked to the SLA, and partially discounted in the total costs for the service level agreement, and are therefore not available to other clients. Should your operations be critically dependent on specific parts, we can assess the situation and provide a fact-based recommendation for parts that – all or some – should be held on-site. Then you’ll never have to wait for that one essential part to arrive.

Clear and complete manuals for perfect ease of use

We deliver all our machines ready for use, including clear user instruction, plus an easy-to-use manual. Should you have any questions, please contact our service desk.