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Vibratory conveyors are eminently suitable for distribution of the product flow from a narrow conveyor that feeds a wider machine – up to five times as wide. For example, we often spread products across a wide belt for drying, frying, cooling or freezing.

This ensures that the product enters the next process in a uniform layer on the conveyor, without becoming damaged or contaminated. Another frequent use of our vibratory conveyors is to create a 90° bend in the production line.

Functional application of distribution conveyors:

Spreading and distribution conveyors can be used to spread/distribute the following products or product types:


For more information, please contact our sales department, or see below some of the spreading/distribution conveyors with vibratory technology developed by FoodeQ.

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SPREADINGFoodeQ HexFeeder Pro

The unique FoodeQ HexFeeder Pro is particularly suitable for the quick spreading of bulb-shaped and tuberous products. We design this compact spreading systems according to our customers’ requirements and wishes.

H-Flow conveyor

vibratory technologyH-Flow conveyor

FoodeQ designs and builds H-Flow conveyors exactly according to our customers’ requirements and wishes for the gentle horizontal handling and conveying of delicate food products.

vibratory technologyCross feed shaker

We build cross feed shakers in all shapes and sizes to spread the product flow from narrow to wide.


vibratory technologySpreader shaker

We build shakers in all shapes and sizes for the spreading of a product flow from narrow to wide or vice versa.

Vibratory technologyLane spreader

We build lane spreaders - to split the product flow in several sub streams - in all shapes and sizes.

Vibratory technologyClosed bulk shaker

We build closed bulk shakers - in all shapes and sizes - for the transportation of products from A to B or to sieve and/or spread these products.