FoodeQ presents CentreQ®

The perfect production process for the food industry. In everything we do, that is our goal. FoodeQ combines unparalleled knowledge of vibration technology with innovative solutions for food processing. We introduce CentreQ® , a ground-breaking monitoring system for shakers driven by unbalanced motors.

CentreQ by FoodeQ

Unique monitoring for vibratory conveyors driven by unbalanced motors

CentreQ®  is equipped with Autoscan. With it, the vibratory conveyor analyses itself, in order to steer to the vibration frequency it was designed for.

With Autotune CentreQ® continuously adjusts itself to the ideal vibration frequency. In this way the tool anticipates influences such as temperature, load and wear.

CentreQ® signals wear and prevents the shaker from vibrating outside the permissible limits. This way we prevent major damage and downtime.

To detect motor failure (miss-synchronisation), CentreQ® measures the G-forces in the transverse direction.

CentreQ by FoodeQ

FoodeQ® Creative technology

CentreQ® is a software tool that measures and adjusts the behaviour of the vibratory conveyor. It constantly searches for the ideal natural vibration frequency to optimise the interaction and thus prevent damage and downtime. CentreQ® monitors the mechanics and keeps the shaker perfectly balanced. This reduces the wear of parts and prevents (unplanned) maintenance. You want to monitor industrial processes proactively? That is exactly what CentreQ® does.

Why CentreQ® :

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Less downtime
  • More control
  • Longer lifespan

CentreQ® The movie

CentreQ the movie

CentreQ® Demo

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