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Vibratory technology was the kick-starter for FoodeQ; today it is one of the fields in which FoodeQ stands out from the rest. We continue with passion to build on the knowledge and experience gained over the years. Innovation-driven as we are, we keep coming up with ground-breaking new techniques that impress our customers with their efficiency, quality and reliability.

At FoodeQ Engineering, comprehensive and multidisciplinary know-how of vibratory technology and belt conveyors is at your disposal under one roof. An enthusiastic team of skilled employees with years of design experience dedicates itself every day to adding value to the food processing process for a wide range of customers. We provide the top segment of the food industry with hygienic, effective and intelligent processing equipment. We also install and maintain the solutions that we devise for our customers. This means you need only one point of contact, and it guarantees you the best possible service.





FoodeQ Engineering

Latest techniques High-end 3D tools

Of course, our engineers use the latest high-end 3D design tools, but a smart-looking machine alone is often not enough. Talk to your proactive sparring partner: FoodeQ. Everything starts with an idea, with listening and gathering information. Our engineers then get to work, sharing their know-how between disciplines, often resulting in a surprising design. This way of working enables us to significantly boost the performance of every production line. We closely monitor quality, and once the equipment has passed exhaustive testing, we ship the order and commission the machines on-site: a production-ready installation that will continue to perform. We supply food processing equipment that you can trust!

Turnkey complementary technologies

We can manage the entire project cycle for our clients, from the initial discussion to the final delivery. For a single unit, but just as surely for a turnkey project combining vibratory technology with complementary technologies, such as belt conveyors and pumping systems; FoodeQ is the right address for you.

History and future

Jaco van der Jagt and Marinus de Bruijn take a glance back into the past and look towards the future.

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FoodeQ partner VDL

VDL Systems

Meet one of our partners.

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Looking to realize your full potential? FoodeQ offers you every opportunity!

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References worldwide customer satisfaction

Normally, FoodeQ supplies food processing equipment to the food industry in Western Europe, but we are increasingly being approached by companies from other parts of the world. Quality knows no bounds, and thanks to our international network, today we have the clout to deliver machines and parts anywhere in the world.

The many familiar brands below represent some of the leading companies worldwide whom we proudly serve as a regular supplier, often for many years.