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The right people in all positions

It is all about people. We can come up with great ideas (by the way, you need really smart people for that), but our most valuable asset is our people. They make the great difference.

Attracting well-qualified individuals on board can be quite challenging in a competitive market where talent is sought after from all directions. Over the past few months we have been able to expand our team with some engineers and project professionals, but we want to keep going. Retaining them is something we excel at because we have exciting projects, a great team, attractive employment conditions and also organize a lot of fun activities outside of work. However, active recruitment has always been somewhat of a side activity alongside our regular work, and we are going to organize it differently from now on. We are consistently looking for technical talent, which requires focus. That’s why we are initially looking for a professional to handle HR matters. Because, as of now, HR is serious business for us and not something that you just do on the side, as has been the case until now. Recruitment and active career guidance will ensure that we can steer the intended growth in the right direction. Additionally, we are actively searching for a financial business controller and more engineers. The final job vacancy texts will follow soon, but you don’t have to wait for that.

You can email us or call us now if you are as ambitious as we are. Join the team, contribute to our success and celebrate FoodeQ’s 15th anniversary with us next year. Interested? Email us at ilse@foodeq.nl.


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