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The future belongs to the young, the challenge is ours

During the Companies Open Day in December we gave four students from the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda who are studying mechanical engineering the opportunity to spend a day behind the scenes with us. To watch and to work with us, because after a tour and a number of presentations, they were able to work on a shaker on the work-floor, under supervision. This is one way we can work to put ourselves on the map in the engineering sector and to promote our attractive business. Jaco van der Jagt: “For the same reasons, we also always have some internship places available, because as a Recognised Teaching Company we have for years offered internships to students who are serious about progressing.” Usually these are for those studying mechanical engineering, but also other areas – such as in the back office – we regularly have some interns tagging along with us. But tagging along is not really the right word, because an internship at FoodeQ is challenging and helps you discover for yourself what the opportunities are. Right now we have a total of 6 mechanical engineering students from Avans Breda, who are broadening and deepening their practical skills with us. Four first-year students are working together until the end of this academic year on a project and we also have two final year students who are working on some machine optimisation.
One from the previous batch of graduating students took such a liking to us – and we to him – that after getting his degree he joined us as a long-term employee. In an upcoming edition of this newsletter he will talk to us at length about his experiences and his project. The future belongs to the young, the challenge is ours, and we also see it as our moral obligation to give talented technical people the opportunity to grow and develop.

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