Everything we do at FoodeQ we do with sustainability and corporate social responsibility in mind as there is only one planet Earth. The modern machines that we engineer are made of high-quality materials that stand for a long(er) lifespan. Almost every part of this equipment can be completely recycled and re-used, this way we reduce the consumption and spilling of natural resources. Our engineers make designs with a sharp eye for detail and smart choices – like, what kind of drive motor can be used in a specific situation – result in a significant lower energy consumption and that is good as it saves money and it saves our world.

People, Planet & Profit

It is by nature that we at FoodeQ think green to lower the company’s CO2 footprint. Everybody separates and minimises its own waste and every year we are able to reduce the energy and fuel consumption per head of staff. If possible, we work remote and have digital meetings to minimise the number of polluting kilometres. We strive to optimise this as much as possible and look for the right balance creating economic, environmental and social value.

An inspiring building

FoodeQ is self-sufficient regarding its energy needs as we have solar panels on the roof and we do no longer use gas, but instead we have a modern environmentally friendly geothermal installation for heating. Our new office was built in 2019 in line with the highest insulation standards. The openness and natural light as well as the stylish and functional design make it an inspiring workspace.

Equal chances for everyone for personal growth

FoodeQ is an acknowledged training company and we have internships for young talent of technical colleges. We also support (local) organisations, (sports)clubs and several charities. It is our aim to find the right balance between work and leisure time and we offer our people a wide range of training opportunities for personal development. Together we grow and climb the CSR Performance Ladder.

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