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FoodeQ Engineering

Project management


Every order is essentially a project, which is why we assign every order to a project manager who takes full project responsibility. When it concerns development of a single unit, this may be the design engineer himself, in which case he has a dual role. The project manager designs and either supports the final installation or performs it himself, ensuring that everything is delivered exactly as agreed. He is your first point of contact, but he is also supported by a permanent backup. Because all customer and project information is stored in a single system, you can be certain that there will be no problems if you should need any modifications in the future. The same information system is used for support and maintenance purposes.

Turnkey projects: FoodeQ brings it all together seamlessly

A FoodeQ-developed machine is almost always part of a larger installation, and we see it as our task to ensure that everything fits together seamlessly. We take this into account during the design process, by fitting our machine into a 3D model of the actual situation. Positioning and placement belong in one pair of hands, and we see that as our responsibility!

At the same time, we will obviously cooperate with your other suppliers, coordinating with each other to ensure a successful and timely installation. We do prefer to have overall final responsibility. We can develop, design, build and install your complete installation as a turnkey project, including hoppers, subframes, platforms and other conveyors.

FoodeQ goes further than others! The more complex, the more we like it; in fact, we love a healthy challenge. Because our specialists are certified and have extensive practical experience, FoodeQ can guarantee you a trouble-free project from start to finish. We deliver production lines that perfectly integrate into your production processes and support your business goals, both now and in the future.