Dosing conveyors Dosing

Vibratory technology is an excellent solution for dosing/metering of food products. An important benefit of vibratory technology is that vibrations do not damage the product when used to stimulate a product flow from a buffer vessel or hopper.

Two alternative systems are available for product dosing. The simplest technique is start/stop dosing, while the advanced technique employs continuous adjustment of the frequency and amplitude of the vibration. The technique used will obviously depend on the type of product, and its physical characteristics. FoodeQ can deliver the best system to meet your requirements.

FoodeQ has developed vibratory conveyors with electromagnetic drives for such application as packaging lines and feeders for multihead weighers. The available options for these conveyors include various pneumatically-controlled valves to split product flows or enable adjustment of the output channel. Our delivery includes the controller for the electromagnetic drive, which can be installed in the MCC room or in a separate electrical cabinet. The system can be optionally equipped with an amplitude measurement system, allowing regulation of conveyor movement based on input parameters. FoodeQ can supply these systems for product dosing or feeding in various lengths and widths.

Functional application of dosing conveyors:

Dosing conveyors can be used for consistent dosing/metering of the following products or product types:


For more information, please contact our sales department, or see below some of the dosing conveyors with vibratory technology developed by FoodeQ.

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WeighingWeigh belt

What makes this machine unique is that we combine this conveyor belt with a very accurate weighing system.


Dosing, weighing & fillingEqlipse

The FoodeQ Eqlipse is designed to turn bulk into batches with a high accuracy. The Eqlipse features a dosing vibratory conveyor in combination with a single head weigher.

H-Flow conveyor

vibratory technologyH-Flow conveyor

FoodeQ designs and builds H-Flow conveyors exactly according to our customers’ requirements and wishes for the gentle horizontal handling and conveying of delicate food products.

Distributietriller op kolommen

Vibratory technologyDistribution shaker

We build distribution shakers in all shapes and sizes as distribution feed for the rest of the line of machinery.

Multihead triller

vibratory technologyScale feed

We build scale feeding vibratory conveyors in all shapes and sizes for product supply for multi-head weigh systems.

Doseertriller met zeefdek

Vibratory technologyDosing shaker

We build shakers in all shapes and sizes for the regulated product feed of demanding applications.

Vibratory technologyClosed bulk shaker

We build closed bulk shakers - in all shapes and sizes - for the transportation of products from A to B or to sieve and/or spread these products.