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FoodeQ supplies the food processing industry with a comprehensive range of high-quality conveyors and equipment based on vibratory technology. All FoodeQ machines are developed in-house. No matter what functionality you need, we will design and install it for you. Although our engineers sometimes design a new machine from scratch, the most cost-effective solution is often an adaptation or further development of machines we have designed previously for our customers.

It all started in 2008 with vibratory technology, but today we do so much more. When you need a turnkey partner for the entire production line, look no further than FoodeQ, because we also have extensive practical know-how in the field of belt conveyors and pumping systems. We will take care of the perfect mix. From first order to handover, your entire project is in good hands with FoodeQ, while for ongoing maintenance, repair and warranty support, our team is constantly at your service.

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FoodeQ vriestunnel

PROCESSINGTunnel freezer

The FoodeQ freezing tunnel is designed with maximum focus on hygiene and cleanability. As with every project, these freezing tunnels are also designed in close consultation with the customer, taking into account specific process parameters, desired layout and available factory space.

Vriestunnel FoodeQ Engineering

PROCESSINGCooling Tunnel

The FoodeQ cooling tunnel is designed based on our years of practical experience, in line with the strictest standards for hygienic design. The robust design criteria and the flexibly controlled process components ensure optimal efficiency and low operational costs.

FoodeQ Engineering - Aura

PROCESSINGAURA® oil recovery system

The AURA® is an extremely effective system for the recovery of frying oil, specifically designed for the production of fried potato products.


Our belt cookers are very energy-effective. The dose of steam is adjustable so you never have a waste of steam because you can balance it with the quantity of product to be processed.

W-Flow pompsysteem


Well-managed water is ideal for the smooth transportation of foodstuffs like potato slices, spinach or kale.