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Using water as conveyance has many benefits. Water cleans, it does not damage the goods and can be used – if heated – for a certain extend of cooking. The FoodeQ W-Flow Pump System can easily span long distances, up to 200 meters in line with the highest food safety regulations.

Every W-Flow Pump System is tailored to the needs of our customer. Marinus de Bruijn: “We modify the shape of the pump tank to make it suitable to the specific to be transported product. This way we guarantee a direct and smooth flow and that is necessary for a homogeneous retention time. Every product is treated exactly the same and as long as the other products in this product-flow and that is very relevant because this leads to a consistent end-product. The beating heart of the W-Flow is the pump that has to fit with the required pumping volume and the kind of product that has to be transported because potato slices behave differently in water compared to floating leafy vegetables. Pump tank, piping, vibratory or transportation belts for dewatering, a buffering tank and the pump that pumps the water back to the starting point, everything is calculated and balanced. It is a closed loop system which means that the water is reused again and again, so it is also very sustainable.”

Christian van Daalen of Maasoever Coldstore: “In 2019 FoodeQ implemented a unique customised pump system for spinach and kale. The control unit provides our operators valuable sensor data for continuous improvement. FoodeQ is a reliable supplier of high-class products!”

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