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The history of Maasoever – the site in Waspik – dates back to 1974. Since the takeover in 2008 by Christian van Daalen, Leon van Dalen and Hub Zacht, the company has become a real freezing specialist for fruit and vegetables. The fresh products – coming directly from the fields – are here in Waspik washed, peeled, blanched and frozen and shipped all around the world as (packed) frozen products.

“From 2010 on we are constantly investing in new production lines,” says Christian van Daalen. “In 2010 we have done a survey to select the right engineering partner and since then FoodeQ developed a range of vibratory equipment that exactly fits to our needs. Over the years we expanded our production lines with metal detection systems and all kinds of other food processing equipment and redlers – as a closed transport system – and this has all been engineered and installed by FoodeQ. Marinus de Bruijn is a good sounding board and he, together with Jaco van der Jagt and the team of experienced FoodeQ engineers, is able to translate our wishes and requirements into very useful technical solutions that improve our production processes. FoodeQ stands for reliable, support- and cleaning-friendly machinery.”

A pump system for leafy vegetables

Right now FoodeQ is developing a pump system – by order of Maasoever – for leafy vegetables. Marinus de Bruijn: “The pumping of floating parts, like spinach and kale, requires another set of techniques and I am proud to see that our engineers managed to make a unique solution for this type of vegetables. The system will soon be operational in Waspik.”
Leon van Dalen reacts with a smile: “The production lines that FoodeQ provides get longer and more complex over time, but the mutual communication lines are as short as they have always been.”

Meet the commitments made, that’s the way we work and what we expect of our partners

Christian van Daalen. “Word of mouth helped us to find FoodeQ in 2010. In 2018 we introduced FoodeQ to one of our valued customers as they were looking for an engineering partner that could help them with custom-made machinery for a sweetcorn production line. FoodeQ has proven to be a reliable and very flexible supplier of high-class products and therefor I dare to promote them to others – even to our best customers – as well. Highly recommended!”

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