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If you call Tanis, you will be treated to Sammy Davis Jr during the call transfer and ‘The Candyman’ will be singing in your head for the rest of the day. Call FoodeQ and you will spontaneously start singing along with ‘Good Vibrations’ by The Beach Boys.
What Tanis and FoodeQ share is the drive to deliver absolute top qu

ality and to relieve customers of all their worries. Both companies also have a good taste in music!

From ingredient to tasty end product

Tanis Confectionery is a family business that is making waves worldwide. It started in 1995 with the production of process installations for the sweets industry, but the group has grown into a comprehensive supplier of complete production lines. Hundreds of confectionery factories use Tanis high-tech machinery that is developed and built in-house on the basis of the requirements and wishes of the customer.

A complete product line for all types of confectionery

The Tanis website shows which machinery Tanis has available to make a product from A to Z, because that is Tanis’s great strength. “Our machines make confectionery, but there is actually a very important preliminary step,” explains COO Ludwijn Königel. “We think along from the very first idea.” Someone who comes up with a new piece of candy can see how it will be made at the Innovation Center in Oosterhout and eventually also gets to sample how it tastes. “Only when the structure, shape, colour and flavour are in order we start building the machine line. Customisation at its best, and that makes us truly unique.”

Whatever the type of confectionery, Tanis has/makes the machine line that produces exactly the end-product that you as a confectionery manufacturer have in mind; from wine gums to filled bars, nougat and boiled sweets.

“We have developed machines for each part of the process. Weighing machines for the pre-mix, cookers, blenders, moulders, conditioners, candy cleaners, oilers, sanders etc. Basically we can make lines for every conceivable type of confectionery, but in recent years we have concentrated on wine gums and jellies because that is a huge growth market.”

Taste alone is not enough, appearance matters too, and that is certainly true in the world of sweets

Sweets have to seduce with colour and shape. “Producing sweets is just like baking a cake,” explains Königel. “It doesn’t stop at mixing and baking at the right temperature, you also have to finish it off nicely.” Tanis supplies a comprehensive solution and therefore also has machines to apply the required finishing coat to confectionery; oil, beeswax or sugar coating.

Everything under our own control

Designing, building, testing, placing on site, commissioning and instructing the operators – the Tanis team takes care of everything. “When everything is up and running and support is needed, this is usually done remotely by looking at the software. We also have service hubs in the United States and Australia to guarantee a fast response time, but, if possible we avoid the need for support in the first place. That is why we use the best, low-maintenance materials and carefully selected suppliers. We use FoodeQ’s complex vibration technology to release the sweets from the mould in a controlled way, without damaging them. Custom-made vibratory conveyors of superior quality. Top quality that matches our high standards, because the comprehensive solution has to be so reliable that, if possible, we never have to go on site for support. With our machines, you can run production without any worries.”

Top level engineering

Tanis Confectionery employs around 220 people – spread across the branches in Oosterhout and Sydney – of whom no fewer than 60 work in the engineering department. “That shows how much value Tanis places on R&D,” explains Marinus de Bruijn. “It results in a stream of innovative designs. Constantly innovating, researching and implementing improvements is how you always stay a few steps ahead of the competition. Tanis is a good example of an extremely successful company that is growing under its own steam by supplying top quality and constantly continuing to develop, which is what we also do at FoodeQ.”

For more information about Tanis Confectionery visit www.tanisconfectionery.eu