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It was Marinus de Bruijn who challenged his colleague Jaco van der Jagt to engineer an industrial weigh belt system with the highest accuracy. Marinus de Bruijn: “In this time of Industry 4.0 every component is measured and controlled. Weighing is a part of that and becomes more and more important to improve the production processes and reduce the usage of raw materials and the energy consumption.”
Jaco van der Jagt: “Marinus had an idea and aimed high. He promised our customer an ambitious solution on the basis of no cure no pay and the weigh belt – for unwashed potatoes – had to have an accuracy with a maximum deviation of less than one percent. By the way, it also had to span height distances.”

That was two years ago and the result of Jaco’s quest is a maintenance-friendly belt conveyor that is equipped with a high-precision weighing system. More and more clients of FoodeQ make use of the FoodeQ weigh belt conveyors. These weigh belts are implemented into the production line to weigh and control the product-flow, often used in front of a cooker or freezer or other food processing machines to create a controlled product-flow entering the machine or production line.

Independent of the belt tension the weighing conveyor registers the flow and gives a reliable signal to the main control system. A state-of-the-art control unit with an accuracy deviation of less than 1 percent is the heart of this proven solution that can beat the rest!

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