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FoodeQ Engineering is quite widely known, so we think that it is time now to also set FoodeQ Processing in the spotlights. “FoodeQ is much more than just vibratory technology,” states Marinus de Bruijn. “In recent years we also completed complex projects with steaming and cooling and we increasingly are the main contractor for these turnkey projects. We developed several products ourselves, for instance the FoodeQ Blancher. These blanchers are highly appreciated in the industry so we think this is the right time to give these products and activities the well-deserved attention.”

It starts with visibility and Every Day® will help us with that. We participated spontaneously as they organized a pitch contest and to our surprise we won. We will use the prize money – serious money in the form of creative hours of the communication experts of Every Day® – to promote FoodeQ Processing.

To be continued …

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