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The floor is given to Jeroen Hersche, our head of procurement for a year now

Born in 1971, Jeroen Hersche attended the Technical School (MTS) and held various positions – from mechanic and head of the technical department to purchaser, project and company manager – at technical companies. “It might seem like I switch jobs frequently, but I’ve actually worked at each place for quite a long time because new challenges always came my way,” says Jeroen Hersche who made the transition to FoodeQ on December 1, 2022. He has accumulated the most flying hours – both literally and figuratively – with large co-packers in the food industry. “Initially as an employee, but later also as a freelancer I was hired to set up packaging lines all over Europe. It was a great adventure, but I was often away from home, so at some point I decided to look further or actually closer. Since then, I have gained broad experience and I am benefiting from that now.”

The procurement department needed to be professionalized due to the increasing number of orders. “More logically organized, more systematic. By purchasing smartly and timely, projects run more smoothly and the procurement advantage – by combining orders – allows us to offer projects more competitively. It’s procurement and a bit of work preparation. That combination puts me close to the business. At my previous employer there was a lot of meetings, here at FoodeQ a lot gets done and I like that much better.”

Jeroen works four days a week. “Four days nine hours so I have a dad day. I have two in their twenties, but also a three-year-old son and I want to spend a lot of time with him.” Jeroen also invests considerable leisure time in his hobbies. He is an avid cyclist – gravel and mountain biking – and restores pinball machines. In the FoodeQ canteen stands a Rollercoaster pinball machine refurbished by Jeroen. “Curious to see who will break my record on that soon.”

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