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FoodeQ’s innovative vibratory technology is deployed in the food processing industry on a global scale. It is a proven, extremely hygienic, and low-maintenance conveying technique. If required, we can add extra functionality so that the vibratory movement does more than simply feed the product from A to B. For example, by combining multiple product processing operations in a single machine. In the design and development of an individual vibratory conveyor, we ensure that the product is correctly oriented for subsequent operations on the production line, according to customer requirements. The vibratory conveyors from FoodeQ are often successfully combined with other production equipment, for example sorting and grading machines, dryers, ovens, and cutting machines. In our experience, integration of this kind significantly boosts the performance of the entire production line, as well as that of the individual machines.

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Energy-efficient and adaptable drive system

Our vibratory conveyors are powered by either an unbalance motor or an electromagnetic drive, and in both cases, the feed rate is easily controlled by adjusting the vibration stroke. The advantage of these drives is that the energy of vibration is uniformly distributed over the entire vibrating tray or trough. A vibratory conveyor is therefore highly suitable for creating specific product flows and for spreading products evenly. Moreover, the uniform energy of vibration means a lower power consumption, and less damage to the product while moving from A to B.

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