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Back to school to promote our profession

On November 16 and 22, our FoodeQ promotion team attended open days at Curio in Bergen op Zoom and AVANS University of Applied Sciences in Breda, respectively. Our industry is in need of talent and this demand will only increase in the coming years. Therefore it is essential for all of us to make an effort to inspire young people to pursue a career in technology. We engaged with dozens of students, discussing our efficiency- and sustainability-enhancing projects, distributed a multitude of goodie bags and established numerous contacts for the future.

Through social media, we are doing everything we can to put FoodeQ on the map and stay in the spotlight. We regularly share compelling project descriptions and brief testimonials from employees in various roles, allowing them to share in their own words what makes this work so enjoyable. If you are as enthusiastic as we are, like our posts! Even better, call for an introductory meeting. We are still looking for several technicians and engineers to manage the planned growth for the next year.

A career at FoodeQ offers you every opportunity to grow, and in addition to hard work, we also make time for fun. For instance, we celebrated the year-end party on December 16 at Hooihuis in Roosendaal with staff and their families in a tipi tent. Culinary delights, music and dance and the lively music bingo made it a very successful event. In 2024 we will celebrate our third lustrum and you can be part of it. Follow us on social media and join the team.

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