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Spare parts are required for maintenance and repair work. To ensure that machines can continue to run perfectly, these parts need to be readily available. We always have the most used, universal parts on the shelf. If we happened to run out we made every effort to help anyway, but machines are becoming more and more complex these days. That is why we have completely reorganized our Spare Parts Department.

Maurice Bogers joined us in January 2020. Prior to that, he worked at Tummers for nearly 20 years. “I was ready for something new and I had already worked with Marinus and Jaco – we were once colleagues – and this was an interesting challenge. For many years, I was key user for Ridder. They use the same software at FoodeQ, but by linking it to the PDM system you can share valuable information and discover connections from which you can benefit.” Maurice is now the key user at FoodeQ for Ridder and he has professionalised the Spare Parts Department as part of an ongoing process.

“When I arrived, approximately 400 spare parts were registered in Ridder. Today, this number is well over 3,400 and still growing. I started very simply by opening all the boxes to see what was inside; I took inventory, categorised and noted the level of demand. The spare parts warehouse has now been doubled and each item can be traced directly. The system shows what the throughput time is and based on this, you can estimate the demand and thereby make sure the inventory is up to date to guarantee a quick response.”

We don’t have everything in stock as standard. “If you try to keep every type of motor in stock, it can be quite expensive. We do advise our clients to take such measures in certain circumstances in order to limit machine downtime.” These days, a spare parts quote is often a standard component of a quote for a new machine in order to raise the OEE. “We also recommend this for the current (production) lines. We are able to make these kinds of offers based on the available information and serial numbers. If desired, we can also schedule an on-site inspection for the purpose of drafting a spare parts quote. As the complexity of machines increases and complete production lines come to a halt if one part fails, the availability of spare parts becomes more and more important!” Interested in making an inspection appointment?

Please send an e-mail to spareparts@foodeq.nl.

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