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CentreQ by FoodeQ


CentreQ is our unique monitoring system for shakers that detects motor failure (mis-synchronization) by measuring the G-forces in the transverse direction and actively steering and monitoring stroke in the transport direction. Since its introduction it has been widely adopted by our clients, but we are now seeing a trend where its functionality is truly being utilized to its full extent.

“We notice that operators are discovering the possibilities and to encourage that we increasingly provide training sessions so they know what else they can do with it,” says Jaco van der Jagt. “On shakers equipped with CentreQ we offer an additional year of warranty and for many customers that alone is reason enough to purchase it. We can provide that extra year of warranty because CentreQ ensures that the equipments remains in top condition.”

CentreQ® is equipped with Autoscan. With this feature the shaker analyzes itself and adjusts to the ideal vibration frequency for which it is designed. CentreQ anticipates influences such as temperature, loading and wear and prevents the shaker from vibrating beyond permissible limits. “This works automatically, but the system also measures more and sends signals and if you recognize those you can proactively steer even better. This prevents serious damage and costly unplanned downtime. With CentreQ you extend the lifespan of your vibratory equipment and you get an extra year of warranty which is pure profit.” Want to know how it works?

Watch the demo video, and you’ll know everything.

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