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They both started their graduation project at FoodeQ about three months ago. As a consequence of the corona crisis they are forced to work at home now. At least once a day Leroy Westveer en Thimo Danker have a contact moment with their mentor René Berk. “That works well, but of course sharing the same floor and sound-boarding whenever you like with others, worked better,” says Leroy. Thimo reacts: “It is also less fun, because I miss these nice guys around me when I work at home for weeks on end, all alone. You need self-discipline to make progress, but we know what we are doing it for.”

Leroy studies mechatronics at the Avans Hogeschool (Institute of Technology) in Breda and for his graduation project he is developing a system to automate the process of placing big plastic bags in octabins. “I was looking for an internship for my graduation project and posted that on LinkedIn. In no time i got numerous reactions, but it was clear from the beginning that FoodeQ was the right place for me. Nice colleagues, a great office and of course a challenging project.”

Thimo studies mechanical engineering, also at the Avans Hogeschool, and he is investigating the possibilities to extend the lifetime of wear parts in the shaker. “FoodeQ is constantly striving for optimisation and in this field steps can be made. The greater part of my research is theoretic, but in the end practical research is necessary and that requires some improvisation because I cannot do that part at home. We will find a way, though. Anyway, I am glad that our graduation projects can continue, despite the weird situation right now.” By the end of June they both hope to get their degree. “Hopefully everything will be normalised by then. If so than I will enjoy my holidays and after that I will probably start here at FoodeQ,” Thimo says with a big smile.

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