Vibratory technology Dosing shaker

FoodeQ designs and builds professional dosing shakers exactly according to our customers’ requirements and wishes for a wide range of products and purposes. We build shakers in all shapes and sizes for the regulated product feed of demanding applications.

Our dosing shakers are magnetically driven based on natural frequency. This technique has some great advantages; the conveying speed can be infinitely regulated from zero to maximum and frequently starting and stopping is no problem at all.

The dosing shaker can be expanded with a storage hopper to ensure a smooth and constant dosing of the product. An electronic sensor monitors – regardless the fill rate of the hopper – the capacity.

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  • Width: 300mm – 800mm
  • Length: 1.800mm – 5.000mm
  • Drive: magnet drive
  • Capacity: depending on product and width
  • Shaker bed: smooth/blasted/rigidized
  • Material: RVS 304/316

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