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FoodeQ has employed many interns over the years. The FoodeQ team, in fact, partly consists of people who were once interns. “It is a really great way to find out if there is a match, of course,” says Marinus de Bruijn, “but that is certainly not the most important reason why we offer internship positions. We believe it is a necessary component of modern corporate social responsibility. These internships give young people a chance to develop themselves.”

We currently have three interns at the company; they all started in September and each of them are enthusiastic about their individual projects.

Rick Verhoeven is a third year Mechanical Engineering student at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda and really excited about his internship. “Normally, you also do an internship in the first year, but Corona put a stop to that. Here at FoodeQ, they give you a lot of freedom and opportunities to test things out, and you get the right guidance when needed. Currently, I am building a demo vibratory conveyor which we can easily modify in all kinds of ways.

Jonne Moerland studies Business Management at the IVA in Driebergen. “I have been assigned to inventory what the conditions are to successfully put FoodeQ Processing on the map and figure out how the processes can be optimally designed. A great topic for my graduate thesis and really cool that I can research this at FoodeQ during my last year. It is, in fact, still a very young company, but they are very professional and ambitious.”

Just like Rick, Daan Bout is studying at the Avans University of Applied Sciences. “FoodeQ is a specialist when it comes to vibratory conveyors. Transport conveyors are the logical extension of this, but these can be quite labour-intensive to design and develop. I am researching how we can expedite this by way of 3D assembly and extensive automation so that only the last, customer-specific piece needs to be designed. I study Mechatronics and this involves a lot of theory and internships are only possible in the third year. It is really satisfying to finally test the theories in practice.”

Rick Verhoeven (2002) was born and raised in Dinteloord, but has recently moved to Bosschenhoofd
City? To Bergen op Zoom in the weekends Shoes? Mason Garments Holiday destination? Greece Favourite app? Snapchat Beer? Hertog Jan What do you drive? BMW (older model) Sports? Tennis Hobbies? Having a drink with my friends What are you doing next year? School, perhaps a pilot training or working

Jonne Moerland (2000) first lived in student housing in Driebergen, but is now back in his beloved Willemstad
City? Rotterdam Shoes? Usually boots Holiday destination? Israel Favourite app? LinkedIn Beer? Jupiler What do you drive? A Mercedes Sports? Sailing Hobbies? Hunting (but I don’t hunt women, he adds, laughing) What are you doing next year? When I finish my studies, I will begin working at Ecotax, my father’s company

Daan Bout (2000) comes from Roosendaal, but currently lives in Essen, Belgium
City? Breda Shoes? White shoes Holiday destination? Holland, on the water in Zeeland Favourite app? Instagram Beer? Jupiler What do you drive? A Mercedes Sports? Hockey Hobbies? Hunting (especially women, he jokes, referring to Jonne’s hobby) What are you doing next year? Picking a minor and graduating

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