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He was born in 1979 and he is a proud Zealander who pursued Mechanical Engineering at HTS Vlissingen, his hometown. Kees spent some time in the biscuit industry before joining Bakon Food Equipment, a company specializing in bakery industry machinery, for several years. “It’s a great company making waves globally. With Zealander roots, I felt right at home,” says Kees Deurloo, with a touch of nostalgia. Understandably so, as he spent a remarkable 20 years there. Starting as a mechanical engineer, he rose to become the manager of the mechanical engineering department in 2010. Later, he also took on responsibilities in electro, software engineering and R&D. Despite holding a significant and diverse role in such a renowned company, he made the move to FoodeQ on February 1, 2024. “Bakon was acquired by an investment firm, prompting me to take another step.

I”m a builder and FoodeQ presents an exciting challenge. Despite its rapid growth, FoodeQ still maintains the collegial, familial atmosphere and short lines that I appreciate. However, this growth necessitates an additional management layer, and it’s my responsibility to bring structure to the engineering department. As projects grow larger, maintaining oversight and tight control over planning becomes crucial. Essentially, it’s a new role, allowing me considerable autonomy in shaping it. Additionally, I’ll be taking on some tasks from Jaco van der Jagt and the lead engineer. This will create breathing space and facilitate further growth.”

In his leisure time, Kees enjoys cycling and tinkering around the house. “And I’ve joined the table tennis club TT Goes with my son. It’s a fun activity to do together. I’m thinking of measuring whether there’s space in the FoodeQ canteen, next to the pool table and pinball machine, to add a table tennis table. Otherwise, we’ll just enjoy a game of ping pong outdoors on the grassy field in front of the entrance when the weather is nice.”

Want to email Kees? k.deurloo@foodeq.nl

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