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With the in-house developed CentreQ® (patent pending) we are introducing a unique monitoring system for vibratory conveyors powered by unbalanced motors. With CentreQ® these vibratory conveyors are capable of adjusting themselves in order to stay perfectly balanced.

Industry 4.0 – or Smart Industry – is characterised by the increased need to be able to steer and control the production process with all the available digital data. Sensors have already been applied in various locations on the vibratory conveyors to give a signal when the stroke is too high so that consequential damage is prevented. CentreQ® does the same, but in two directions with the X/Y double-axis to detect a lack of synchronisation due to defective or incorrectly connected motors. The system constantly measures the behaviour of the vibratory conveyor and is therefore capable steering it and keeping it perfectly balanced regardless of fluctuating temperatures, softer (antiquated) springs and even with minor damage to bolts or springs.

“We are constantly working on the further development of our vibratory conveyors to ensure that they are optimally suited and meet the needs of an ever-changing market,” explains Jaco van der Jagt. “This revolves around creating extra functionality, maximum accessibility for cleaning and maintenance and an improvement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness, a longer fault-free period of use.”

At the INTERPOM in Kortrijk, Belgium on 28, 29 and 30 November, we showed those in attendance, including many of our relations, how it works. By simulating vibratory conveyor problems, we demonstrated that CentreQ® is the ideal automatic control system and can save costs. For more information about CentreQ®, please contact us by sending an e-mail to info@foodeq.nl.

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