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Since the start of Peka Kroef in 1970 this typically Dutch family business has become a global player that produces a great variety of outstanding fresh, chilled potato products. An important part of the modern food processing equipment has been developed by FoodeQ Engineering.

“We offer a wide range of potato products for foodservice companies, retail and the consumer market all around the world. Most countries have their own taste preferences, therefore our production lines have to be flexibly deployable because for every product we have several different treatments. At Peka Kroef we make all types of potato products, with the exception of chips and crisps,” says Frans Habraken.

A good partnership from the very beginning

Frans Habraken is Manager Technical Service and Projects. He had a proven track record at a reputable dairy company as he switched to Peka Kroef in 2004. “I knew Marinus de Bruin from my time at Friesland Campina. As soon as I heard that he had plans to start his own engineering company I invited him to come over for a cup of coffee. I am pretty sure that Peka Kroef is the oldest client of FoodeQ.”

 Several dosing shakers, a blanching line and a tunnel freezer

Peeling, cutting, washing, blanching, cooling etc. All potatoes are handled with great care and get their own specific treatment before they are packed and ready for transport. The engineers of FoodeQ developed various shakers and specialist food processing equipment, exactly according to the requirements and wishes of Peka Kroef. “We have been teaming with FoodeQ Engineering since 2007. They do a good job and help us to optimise our systems and we use their expertise for every new-build project. We are innovating constantly, because we do like to be the biggest potato specialist but not necessarily the biggest employer. Consistently automating and streamlining the processes helps us to increase the capacity of our production lines.”

Peka Kroef is FSCC 22000 certified

The equipment is maintenance-friendly and compliant with the high hygiene requirements that are applicable in the food sector. “FoodeQ only makes use of high-end materials and everything is being developed with easy cleaning and maximum hygiene in mind. Marinus de Bruin and Jaco van der Jagt have formed a good team of engineers that are able to effectively turn ideas into working prototypes. Real professionals with a clear customer focus.”

Why do you produce Pommes Parisiennes and no French fries?

“Chips is another segment. We would be one of the many and it is difficult to be a differentiator so our role would be of  no importance. We always strive to be the market leader and be the best in what we do and deliver the best quality. That is what FoodeQ and Peka Kroef have in common. As long as FoodeQ performs as they have been doing so far there is no need for me to look for another engineering partner.”