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Investing in top quality pays off double. This certainly holds true for the recently replaced processing line at Peka Kroef in Odiliapeel. “With necessary modernization, including the ingenious work of FoodeQ engineers, we’ve managed to extend the lifespan of that line for years,” says Ruud Claassen, engineering manager at Peka Kroef. In 2022 the decision was made and multiple suppliers were invited to design a completely new line for the production of chilled potato products and specialties.

State-of-the-art with greater capacity and significantly more energy-efficient. “The latter is especially relevant today. Energy costs determine a significant portion of the cost price of the potato products we supply, so remaining competitive required this,” Claassen adds.

The collaboration between Peka Kroef and FoodeQ goes way back

“We’ve modified the old line over the last 15 years, but it wasn’t supplied by us,” says Marinus de Bruijn. “That couldn’t have been possible because FoodeQ Engineering didn’t even exist back then,” he laughs.
Jurgen Meggelaars, technical project manager at Peka Kroef, responds: “Since 2009, right after FoodeQ was founded, you’ve been a regular visitor here. FoodeQ isn’t just a reliable supplier but also an important knowledge and sparring partner and just like with us, the customer is king with you. That’s why we fit so well together.”

The modern processing line is three meters longer and can process 33 percent more

In 2022 various suppliers were approached. Then the line was definitively designed according to the customer’s requirements and wishes. The pre-cooling section, the cooking part, was supplied by FoodeQ. Energy-efficient blanchers (a screw blancher and a belt blancher) ensure rapid preparation/cooking of the potato products. FoodeQ also realized the section after cooling; the distribution and weighing. “The product flow goes from single to double track and we have 2 weighing units and 2 filling stations so we can flexibly switch between products and increase production,” explains Ruud Claassen.
The handover was in late 2023 and production started on the new line in early 2024. “This modern line ensures we’re ready for the future. Internally, there are already jokes that it might just last another forty years.”

A true family business with an eye for quality and innovation

Peka Kroef is highly regarded for its high quality and constantly expanding range of chilled potato products. From various types of diced potatoes, wedges and slices to baby potatoes, gratins etc. to various seasoned products and mashed potatoes. “We adapt to the market and produce according to the customer’s recipe, ensuring our offerings align with the changing preferences of consumers. They are increasingly opting for convenience in the kitchen. A wide variety of end products requires us to be able to perform many different processes and we are uniquely equipped for that.” An ambitious family business with over 50 years of focus on customers, quality and craftsmanship. “FoodeQ understands our business and speaks our tone of voice. Hans Vermeeren, Jaco van der Jagt, Marinus de Bruijn, you name it, they’ve been coming here for years. Even the new people they’ve hired over time have the same drive and problem-solving mindset. We are a family business and you could say the same about FoodeQ, that it’s one big family.”