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Project complete distributielijn FoodeQ


34 t/h wet sorting line for fries

The customer’s question

The customer wanted to have the complete distribution system around the new optical sorting lines developed and delivered.

How FoodeQ tackled this question

  1. Detailed pre-engineering
    In this phase we had extensive discussions with our customer, recording their requirements and wishes down to the smallest detail. Using advanced 3D visualization tools, we translated the concepts into final designs. FoodeQ was the layout keeper in this project and also implemented the machines from other suppliers in all drawings.
  2. From proposal to reality
    With our customer’s approval, the focus shifted to the engineering phase. An extensive project like this is characterized by careful planning and a significant number of engineering hours. Since the customer was on the other side of the world, we took different time zones into account and facilitated calls when necessary, 24/7.
  3. Expertise
    All machines were carefully assembled and delivered on location at FoodeQ. We then took care of the sea transport to ensure safe and damage-free delivery. FoodeQ’s delivery consisted of: vibrators, conveyor belts, advanced pump systems and platforms.
  4. Global on-site collaboration
    Because FoodeQ recognizes the importance of precision, one of our dedicated colleagues was on site for the installation and commissioning. Our on-site presence ensures seamless integration of our solutions into the customer’s complete production line.


How this project helps the customer further

By implementing new optical sorting lines, the customer is able to supply higher quality fries and produce them more efficiently by upgrading/reusing all “reject flows”. In addition, we have provided a logical and friendly layout, taking into account accessibility and safety for the service and cleaning of the equipment.