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Swivel belt with spray system and air knife

FoodeQ has designed the swivel conveyor to optimize production processes and make work more efficient and less stressful for operators, for example.

Imagine the old situation: operators manually feeding vegetables into a cutting machine, collecting the cut vegetables in a basket after the cutting machine, then carrying this basket to separate centrifuges and repeating the process. A time-consuming and taxing process, both physically and operationally.

With the swivel belt we have redesigned and simplified these operations. Now the belt collects the cut vegetables directly from the cutting machine. The swivel conveyor transports these upwards and discharges them directly into one of the centrifuges. Changing between the centrifuges is made easy by simply swiveling the belt. This means operators no longer have to lift and carry heavy baskets, significantly reducing their workload. But that’s not all. During transport, the products on the belt are gently sprayed. This rinses away any cutting residue, resulting in a cleaner and high-quality product output.

The FoodeQ swivel conveyor is not just a machine, it is a step towards a more efficient, ergonomic and environmentally friendly production process. At FoodeQ Engineering we believe in creating solutions that not only increase efficiency, but also improve the working conditions of employees.

FoodeQ swivel belt

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