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FoodeQ Project 16 lijnen voor verpakte koekjes uitgelicht


Robot packaging line for cookies

The challenge

Developing a feeding system for a large range of different cookies (packed and naked) to go from bulk to individually positioned on a conveyor belt to be picked up by a pick and place robot and put in a tray.

How FoodeQ has approached this challenge

After an intens R&D programme, a concept solution was presented. Together with the customer, a test set-up was developed and extensive tests performed. Based on these results, full scale prototype line was build and tested again. After passing all tests, 16 lines were build and positioned with the robot for a final FAT.

How this project helps the customer further

The 16 lines each process 90 cookies per minute, making the customer less dependent on staff availability. The entire packing line can be run in a more reliable manner.

The special thing about this project

It’s the FoodeQ “creative technology” that makes this project special. A great solution has been developed to handle a difficult product and deliver it in a constant and well-ordered manner onto a conveyor belt for the robot to pick them up. It wasn’t easy and an interesting challenge, but our engineers met the challenge successfully!

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