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FoodeQ Hans Vermeeren - sales


Last year in September, we put the spotlight on Hans Vermeeren as he officially celebrated his 10-year work anniversary. So why are we talking about Hans again? The heading under ‘The next step for Hans’ is identical to the March newsletter where we described how Rick de Feijter and Oskar Baldyga switched positions internally. The same applies to Hans Vermeeren. He is making the transition from engineering to sales. “I have a fantastic profession, because as an engineer you are at the foundation of operational solutions. You work on everything from A to Z, but there is actually another phase before that: namely the sales phase. That’s where I want to focus from now on. Engaging with customers about their requirements and wishes. I believe I can do that well, because I carry years of engineering experience with me so I know the pitfalls and the challenges you encounter in the field.” He has already scored his first sales order with a major vegetable processor in Belgium. “That’s a pleasant start, especially since I am currently combining my new job with finalizing engineering work for a french fry factory in Kruiningen. After that, I will fully immerse myself in sales and relationship management. It’s refreshing to do something new after all these years.”

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