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FoodeQ operates in many markets and this healthy diversification ensured that we had plenty of work even during the challenging COVID-19 period. The current trend is that many potato processing producers are also starting to produce snacks and appetizers and sometimes they even completely switch certain production lines. “The fries market is a volume market where prices are under pressure and the availability of raw materials is sometimes a significant issue. The great alternative is that producing appetizers can also be very profitable,” explains Marinus de Bruijn. “Ultimately, you deliver a more expensive end-product which is much more lucrative than producing more fries. We provide the machines that are exceptionally suitable for the production of specials such as potato croquettes, hashbrowns etc.”

At FoodeQ we have everything needed to deliver a new line complete with blanching, cooking, cooling and freezing systems that seamlessly integrate with the rest of the production line. In the coming period there will be even more surprises in the (snack) market. We are already looking forward to those delicious mozzarella sticks.

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