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Ever faster and smarter. The machine range of FoodeQ is growing steadily in line with the demand from our customers.

We have developed a so-called CFC vibratory output for conveyors that feed spiral coolers/freezers. CFC – Collapse Factor Correction – takes into account the ‘hinge factor’ of the freezing line. To ensure that the products do not touch each other, too much space is often fed, because of which the cooler/freezer is not used optimally. Smart feeding with a FoodeQ conveyor equipped with a CFC vibratory output ensures that up to 20 percent more capacity can be run with the existing machine.

Furthermore, we are seeing a growing demand for the compact, fully stainless steel equipped magnetic conveyor that we now supply from stock. It is a further development on what started two years ago as a graduation project. Based on customer requirements, this conveyor has been optimised and we are now able to deliver a few pieces almost every month, most of which to a large Italian customer. With its small stroke and high vibration frequency, this conveyor is ideal for nuts and olives and the like. Because we can produce them more or less in series – we only adjust the pan and for a larger throughput we place several units next to each other as logical building blocks – this entry-level model is very favourably priced while the quality is not inferior to the larger conveyors. Finally, we focus the spotlight on the very latest length/short piece sorter, which is equipped with a unique deck construction that makes it the most hygienic of its kind. Would you like to know more about these and all other FoodeQ systems? Contact our engineers or take a look at the product brochures on our site.

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