vibratory technology Sieve shaker

FoodeQ designs and builds professional shakers exactly according to our customers’ requirements and wishes for a wide range of products and purposes. We build sieve shakers in all shapes and sizes to separate substances from each other such as candies from starch after a casting machine. These shakers are also used to sieve out small fractions or to separate “adhering liquids” such as oil or fat from the product after a deep-frying oven.

Most vibratory conveyors are indirectly driven by two out of balance motors based on natural frequency. These shakers shake far more intensely than directly driven shakers, furthermore they use less energy and give less unwanted vibrations that hinder the surroundings.

The shaker can be equipped with several options like a quick clamping system of the sieve deck, heated bottom plates to avoid solidifying, a spreading deck or several sieves in line on different levels to make the product fall apart.

Ask our sales department for further details.

  • Width: 300mm – 2.400mm
  • Length: 1.000mm – 6.500mm
  • Drive: direct or indirect by 2 out of balance motors
  • Capacity: depending on product and width
  • Sieve specifications: depending on the product to be sieved
  • Pan finish: smooth/rigidized/polished
  • Material: RVS 304/316
  • Atex certification possible on request
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