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Downtime is expensive, especially if it concerns unplanned downtime. “When we moved to our new premises situated at Warwickstraat we raised the stock of spare parts, everything in line with the increasing number of machines that we deliver and support,” says Manager Services Rick de Feijter. “That means extra certainty for our customers, but in case of an emergency they still have to reckon with time for response, travel and repair so prevention is better than cure. Planned preventive maintenance is the best investment to assure that production lines run smoothly at all times and that is why more and more customers have a FoodeQ support contract. The newest generation of vibrators often come with a rate monitor. This way you can monitor the health of a machine – also remotely – and this helps to undertake action before a failure occurs. If required, we also equip older shakers with a rate monitor to improve the operational availability.”

Jaco van der Jagt emphasises the urgency of a good inventory: “It is of great importance to know exactly which critical components are needed in a client specific situation in case of a failure. We keep the common components in stock and so do some of our customers, but the drive motor or pump – exactly tailored for the production environment of a client – most likely has to be ordered in a foreign country and then valuable time may be lost. That is why people invest in an identical spare unit for critical situations. We advise what steps to set to improve the OEE of your production machines.”

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