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Bedrijvenmeeloopdag WTB

FoodeQ opens doors to Avans students


Recently, FoodeQ welcomed the first students through the BedrijvenMeeloopDag. This day offers technical students the opportunity to learn more about the technical industry during their studies and the role they can play in it later on.

FoodeQ likes to give students the opportunity to gain knowledge in the business world. By letting them talk to colleagues from different departments during this day, they get a good idea of what happens within FoodeQ and how they can apply their skills during a potential internship. They can also gain valuable insights into how a company works and what it takes to succeed.

The four students from Avans Hogeschool Breda, mechanical engineering course, had a well-rounded day. Besides a guided tour and various presentations, they also got the chance to assemble a little vibratory conveyor. To conclude, of course, a game of pool in the company canteen could not be missed.

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